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The time has come for the zombie menace to multiply


The zombie genre is having a second golden age in this current videogame generation with a proliferation of games with the same theme, slightly varying the way they are to be played. Dying Light brings the survival and horror motifs together with some action mechanics that resemble Mirror Edge with its urban free-running system. Developed by Techland, the same studio that brought us Dead Island, this title is to be released for Xbox 360 and One, PlayStation 3 and PS4, and for PC systems in a digital download format.

This zombie-killing release starts with the premise of a world going directly to a zombie apocalypse. Civilization almost comes to its end but for a bunch of small groups of people that try to stick them together in order to survive getting supplies from the city and survive one day more. Exploration and the knowledge of the Brazilian-like city called Harran will be necessary for quick escape routes since time is important.

The visual aspect of Dying Light is really impressive, just as is expected from next-gen systems. It promises to have a good role on Xbox 360 and PS3, with less resolution and 30 FPS, hopefully stable enough when it comes to moving hordes of zombies. In Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as in high-end PCs, the game looks realistic to the point that sunlight affects even to your vision if you gaze it directly.

Zombies won
Zombies won't be your unique enemies

Craft your way out

This first-person survival game mixes several ingredients in the same recipe that may result on a really good dish or just in a large and strange combination that really wasn't meant to be together. You will have complete freedom for roaming around the open-world setting, which is something that will allow the player to choose the way to gather supplies without a default path. With the different elements you will gather; the player can craft different weapons; some will be simple such as reinforced baseball bats, and others will be complex, such as an electrified machete.

Strategy also takes place during Dying Light, since your performance will depend on the different utilities you craft as well as the traps you set

The name Dying Light is not a random title; it really means it. During the daylight hours, zombies are a bit clumsy and easy targets, but when the light goes and night comes they suddenly become death machines running after you, thirsty for hunting you down. There are many kinds of zombies, from the simple regular zombie that gathers in groups to the Night Hunter, which once he spots you, you'd better run quickly from there or it's bye-bye.

Strategy also takes place during Dying Light, since your performance will depend on the different utilities you craft as well as the traps you set. You can choose from amongst different melée or ranged weapons, or use your free running skills to defeat the zombies without weapons, but it is not as effective as bombs or shotguns. As long as you complete different missions you will earn experience points for levelling up and increasing your abilities, which enhance the gameplay.

Take care during the night
Take care during the night

Dying Light Full Version Features

Check the main features listed below for Dying Light:

  • Active day and night cycle that changes the gameplay as it is designed, with dangerous zombies by night and exploration by day
  • Dynamic movements thanks to the free running system that allows you to climb poles and get on the roofs of houses
  • Enjoy the open world in Harran city getting the necessary supplies for your survival and helping people who need it… or not
  • High variety of weapon crafting that gives you several kinds of firepower guns or great knives
  • A great mix of genres into just one game giving variety during the whole gameplay time
  • Four different characters available for full customization, allowing all kinds of strategies for surviving external attacks

For additional details of this release before the download, you can check the game’s official website through this link.

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements for running Dying Light on your computer:

  • OS: Windows Vista SP2 or later
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 DUO
  • Video Card: DirectX 10 support, 512MB
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • HDD: 20GB space for the download



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